Okey rules

Okey is a game that is online rummy is a fun and interesting touch. Okey is a Turkish version of Rummy is played with 106 number tiles and four players. The number plates used are similar to traditional cards used, which are divided in 4 colors. In addition to these number plates there are also false joker cards, which play a key role in Okey. View the map closely, before you start to play, so you know what to look for during the game.

The game

To play Okey, a person must know the specific rules of the game. First, a winner will be determined by dividing 14 cards are placed or by 7 pairs are collected with the same value and the same color. This approach resembles the traditional Rummy , even though there are some differences. But since you are the first player who can put all the cards in his hand, make sure that the opponent will receive penalty points.

Before we look at the point system, some other aspects need to be addressed. Each player receives 14 number tiles and it is determined by dice, who goes first. The game is played counter-clockwise, it starts the player who has been determined in the previous litter. Once the order has been set, a joker card is drawn by dragging and turn over the next card. The joker card is actually a number higher than the upturned card, but must have the same color. Once everything is in order, the game can begin.

The points are awarded

As previously mentioned, many points are the players was determined depending on what kind of winner, different deducted. If the winner wins by using a joker card or forms seven couples, all remaining players receive 4 penalty points. But if there is no specific winning situation, the remaining players only 2 points will be deducted.

Play Okey

Once you have learned how to play Okey, it is your next destination, Online Okey test. The Internet is a great place to test your skills and expand your horizons, because so many people are as opponent available. By, compete against real people who have been playing for years, you can learn from their strategies. Okey tips to help you better understand the game, you can also find online. If you know where to look, you will discover that these tips are really helpful and can increase your probability of winning.

All who want to spend any money can use pages where you Okey free to play. By playing for free, you can compete with the best, without having to worry about the loss of money or a disgrace worry. The free games scene is a great way to understand how the game is played and what the rules are. If you pay attention to how others play, you can play with the best in no time.

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