About two hundred years, Rummy was regarded as the most popular game in the world. Although there is a game called Rummy, this name can also be used to describe a family of card games that have similar characteristics. We offer an online version of the traditional ROMMES that contains all the basic rules and functions of the Rummy games.

The game can be played by 2-4 players. The objective of the game is to be the first player has no more cards in your hand. The game is divided into rounds and trains. A train consists of two actions: drawing a card and placing a card at end of turn. Cards can be drawn either from the deck or it can be drawn that card that has placed on the discard pile, the previous player. It is likely that the player that stores map, which has the lowest value for his hand.

The value of each card is due to their usefulness for the figures that would like to put together the player judged. To all the cards to “get rid” of the players must form sentences or sequences and dropping them. A card must remain in the hands of the player so that he can stop the train.

Consequence – at least three consecutive cards of the same color. sentence – at least three cards of the same value, but with different color.

If a player has no cards in hand, he wins the game and get his opponent, based on the values ​​of the cards they hold in their hands, penalty points.

For more information on the rules of traditional rummy and its point system, please visit our the rules for traditional rummy page. You can also visit our Strategy page for traditional rummy online and learn more about our strategies and tips for the game.

Traditional Rummy may end after one or three rounds, the points collected during the game will be added together to determine the winner. Players have two options: they can either put in more than one train figures to minimize the risk of being punished when the game ends with many penalty points, or try to put all the pieces at once. This kind of victory is called “hunting”, such a victory gives the winner more points.

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