The Game Rummy 51

Historically, include the various variants of Rummy games for over 200 years the most popular card games in the world. One of the most popular games is Rummy 51, now just like Rummy 40 , is available online.
rummy table 51.
This game is played from 2-4 players, which have the goal of being the first player who can put all the cards from the hand. The game consists of rounds in which each player takes a turn once. Each round consists of two distinct features: First, the player must draw a card. The map can be drawn either from the deck or from the discard pile. Once the player who drew the card, he must choose a card that they wish to take. Usually, you set off that card, which is the least useful for your hand and the hand of your opponent.

The value of each card is determined by whether it matches the figures collected by the players straight. To store cards, the player or sequence must form from the cards and put all the cards except one at the table. The last card remains in the player’s hand and is placed face-down at the end of the train.
consequence – at least 3 consecutive cards of the same color.

If a player can discard all of his cards, he is the winner and his opponents receive penalty points in the amount of the remaining cards in their hand. The penalty points correspond to the value of the card, there are some exception: face cards are worth 10 points, the Ace 11 points and the joker is worth 25 points. Determine the amount of penalty which place the player has taken at the party.

More information about the rules and point system of Rummy 51 are on the side of Rummy 51 rules available.

While each party Rummy 51 are each player two possible game strategies to choose from. The first is to take the cards one by one and to reduce the risk to be in the event of the victory of an opponent, be punished with high penalties. The other option is to lay all cards at once. This is called “Rummy” and get your opponent, in addition to the penalties of the cards in their hand, more penalty points. In Rummy 51 for the first time can be saved if the value of the cards you want to discard, is higher or equal to 51.

Visit our “How to play rummy 51″ page and check out the interactive demo, which helps you to quickly and easily understand how to play rummy 51 !

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