This game is played with two standard card games, each with 52 cards plus 2 jokers.

Wildcards can be used to replace cards in sets and any sequences. If a joker is used, it shall receive the card value of the card, which it replaces. He has 15 penalty points if he is still on a player’s hand at the end of the game.

The remaining cards are placed face down on the table, forming the talon. A card is next to the Talon, with the image up, down form the discard pile.

A standart regular train consists of three features:

1 drawing a card, either from the beginning of the Talons or the top card of the discard pile.

2 formation of new sets and sequences and / or application to existing combinations.

3 dropping a card on the discard pile.

Pulling the beginning of each player’s turn and discarding at the end is a must. Drop is optional and cards that have to be stored, can be kept on the sheet for future opportunities.

When the Talon is empty, the discharge is mixed, forming the talon. The last card that was discarded in turn forms the image up the discard pile.

cultivation rules and instructions

After you place your first cards, a player can create his blade at all combinations already stored – on its own or from other players, which is a very large, valid combination results. This is called “building” .

Players can select the appropriate card grow to a 3-card set (it should contain a joker, so the symbol must not be repeated) Install or more cards at the beginning or end of a sequence.
When building Joker can just as with regular combinations be used as a substitute for each card.

In Rummy 40 Aces are worth 11 points and can only be used at high sequences, eg, by a lady and a king.

Reusing jokers
When a set of three cards has a wild symbol, the Joker can be triggered by the corresponding map. For example, when Ten of SpadesTen of DiamondsJoker combined, a player who can Ten of Clubs or has that trigger the Joker by investing his card and for the Joker his rummy 40 card adds. constitutes By the player to create one of these 10s, he a closed set of 10/10/10 Joker , of which the Joker can no longer be taken. A player can each of the two missing characters to add to a 3-card set with two jokers, by triggering one of the Joker, thereby forming a closed 4 card set. If a sequence contains a Joker, the player can, the replaced card has, use these and reuse the Joker elsewhere. Except in the cases in which Joker can be reused, combinations and sequences can not be changed – they can only be supplemented.Ten of Hearts


The game ends when one player wins by drawing from the deck or the discard pile and stores all cards except for one which he sheds on the discard pile. This is called ” Outing “.

Rummy make

If a player all his cards at once without deposits to build, so this is called ” Rummy make ” . The remaining players receive 25 Straftpunkte addition to the regular penalties

Note that when you go out, you must stop your train with the throwing of a card – it’s not illegal, move to get rid of all cards, then discard a card.

Note that there is no additional Equip as with other rummy variants. Once a player has all the cards placed, the game ends immediately and the other players have no way to even partially store cards, even if they would fit on existing combinations.

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