The game Rummy 500 is a family of Rummy games and has many similarities with traditional Rummy on. However, there are some rules that distinguish this game from other games of the same family, and make it unique and exciting.

The Rummy game is played by 2-8 players. With up to four players with a standard set of cards including 2 Jokers used. If five or more players participate, another set of maps will be added.

The objective of the game is to be the first player to collect 500 points or more. The game consists of several rounds and ends when a player reaches 500 points. The players move sequentially in each round a card and put a card in between they try to form sentences and consequences or to create individual cards to existing figures. A map can be drawn from the face down deck or from the pile of discarded cards.

If a player draws a card from the discard pile, it must also all other cards that were filed after this card on the discard pile, take and use the card drawn immediately into a figure.

A round ends when one player has no more cards in your hand or if the undercover deck is exhausted and the player who’s turn, would draw a card from the discard pile. When the round ends, the cards are valued every player. The players get positive points for all cards that were stored as figures and negative penalty points for all cards they still hold in the hand. The game ends at the end of that round in which a player has collected 500 points or more. If more than one player reaches a point level of 500 or more, the player with the highest score is the winner.

In Rummy 500 there is a special train of the “call Rummy” is called. In the event that one of the player discards a card that is part of a sequence or may be applied to an existing character of an opponent, the opponent “Rummy!” . call, take the card, they add to the character and continue playing in order to call “Rummy” has one of the following situations occur:

(1) A card matches a valid figure or can be applied to an existing figure.
(2) The card s completed, with other cards in the player’s hand, a consequence.
(3) At the discard pile are two cards that form a valid character together with the stored map.

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