The story of Rummikub goes back to the 1940s. The game was invented by Ephraim Hertzano and has since become one of the most popular games in the world. The game is based on the traditional rummy game play, but is characterized by two different attributes that make the game exciting and dynamic. The first feature is the game accessories. Rummikub is played with colorful number tiles with the numbers 1-13 (2 sets of 4 colors) including Joker. The second feature that distinguishes this game is the fact that players can take apart existing figures and reorganize them so that they can get rid of the number plate of their hand faster.

The game was created for 2-4 players, the main objective of the game is to be the first player to score at least 200 points. Points are accumulated by number tokens are stored in the storage area. As with most Rummy games , there are certain Rummikub two types of valid characters – sets which consist of the same number in three different colors, and consequences, which have at least 3 number tiles of the same color in ascending order.

In most Rummy games, each player begins his train by drawing a card. When online Rummikub pulling number tiles is a voluntary train. If a player can place any number tiles from his hand, he must draw a card. He can perform a train that brings him closer to his goal, having shed all cards, and put a number plate at the end of his turn.

Note that figures only taken apart or it can be created if the following three things are true:
1 The player has already completed its first valid character with at least 30 points.
2 A player adds at least one card to the newly stored figures
3 All figures are at the end of the train on the table are valid. Rummikub When there are two image plates, which are the joker cards. Joker can be used in place of each number plate in the game. If the round ends and keeps a player is still a wild card in his hand, he will receive 30 penalty points.
If a player was able to put all the cards in his paper, the round ends. At this time each player will be penalized in accordance with the number of platelets, which he still holds in his hand – except the winner, which will be credited as a positive score the penalty of his opponent. The game ends when a player reaches or exceeds 200 points.

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