Rules for the Rummy

This is the variant of Rummy with laying . Each player plays only for himself; so-called partnerships do not exist. The German Rummy is played with French playing cards. Total playing with two parcels; A package consists of 52 playing cards and three jokers.
Before the start of the game all cards are thoroughly mixed and then divided concealed in the form of an arc. Now each player is obliged to draw a card. The player who drew the highest card, then chooses his place and takes in this way the position of the encoder. According to the order in which the cards were pulled, the rest of the players to the left of the dealer.
Subsequently, the respective Enter replaced after each game clockwise. Then, the donor is responsible for mixing all the cards again and then lets his neighbor, which has taken place at his right hand, stand out a card. All cards are face down and placed individually.
Overall, each player receives before the start of the game 13 cards; only the generator itself takes 14 cards. Should a player when you lift the playing cards draw a joker, so he gets to keep it.
All maps, which then are left, are as so-called shock hidden in the middle of the common table set.
The card values ​​and the figures:
The court cards Jack, Queen and King count as 10 points each. The score cards 2 to 10 are based on the number of their vorweisenden eyes. The ace is one in a series, which comes after the king, all 11 points, as well as in the final invoice. Only at first disclosure, episode “A-2-3″, this is one ace with only one point. Each Joker counts at the first message as many points as the actual card, which it is to replace. In the final statement of the Joker counts as much as 20 points.
Characters are always combinations of at least three cards, namely, these are always valid, if a player can either comprise a series of three or more successive cards of the same color (for example, “cross-7, 8 and 9″), or if he can lines of three, or even four cards, which rank pari passu show, (for example, “Queen of Clubs, Queen of Diamonds and Queen of Hearts”). It is also possible to form characters with the help of a joker, which thereby can replace any other arbitrary map. However, it is not allowed, a figure with only one natural map and form the basis of the other two jokers; but if a sequence consists of four cards must be consecutive two jokers.
The trains in the Rummy game:
The timer begins his train first. If it meets the need for the initial login, he may report figures. As soon as he opened stores a playing card next to the shock, his train is considered finished. Then the player’s turn, who sits to his left. Each player starts the game by this takes the top card from the impact, or the stored map of its predecessor. In the first deployed to all reported cards must have a total value of 40 points or more. Point value has a meaning only in this initial report; Subsequent messages he does not count.
Objective of Rummy and end of the game:
The aim of this game is to arrange his own blade to figures and report. If a player can first lay all his cards and thereby save his last card face down on the shock, he has won the game. The way players receive the same number of penalty points, how many eyes keep them at the time still in his hand.
So the table looks with a game of rummy, if they play as online against other players:

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