Purpose of the game of Rummy

How to play rummy?
Rummy is a game of Anglo-Saxon origins, is thought to derive from the Rummy game a Texan, had its development, in the beautiful country around the ’20s / ’30s, but his was, then, an international development, became famous in so much so, that the typical deck of 108 cards (two decks including Jolly French) took their name “Bunch rummy.”
From Rummy were born in the following years countless other games and variations, the most famous of them is definitely the Scale forty .
Despite its ancient origins by now, is still widespread, the rules are simple, and requires no special skills tactical and strategic. Characteristic, this, which makes it suitable for all ages and all backgrounds, from meeting season, the evenings in the pub.
The number of players can vary from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 7, not over because the cards are only 108, but could potentially also increase, perhaps using 2 decks of Rummy.

The map:
To play rummy need the so-called “deck rummy”, made up of 108 cards, and then, 2 decks of cards in France, including the 4 Jokers.

Purpose of the game:
The purpose of Rummy is close , that is to say, get rid of all their cards, acting through certain combinations, which we will see later.
cards discarded not assign points at the end of the game wins who has totaled less. The match ends when one player reaches 101 points.

Distribution of the cards:
The role of the dealer is determined randomly, by the rule of ” Bas ago màs “for example, and in the course of the fan the players alternate for this role, following the order of play.
The dealer distributes 10 cards each blankets, one at a time, clockwise (or counterclockwise depending on the local customs) then puts one card face up on the counter, this will be the first of the cards that make up the discard pile, the remaining cards form the heel.

Playing the game:
Once the cards dealt, the first player sitting to the right of the dealer (or left if you play clockwise) draws a card from the deck and puts it in her own hand. As an alternative to the draft from the heel, if you wish, you can take the card that was discarded by the player before him. The first player after deployment can take the folded paper instead of drawing.

After drawing, the player of the moment, try to arrange their cards to build a combination, he may, without being obliged to put on the bench all the combinations that can realize. In figure there are some examples of valid combinations.

The valid combinations only the following:

Scale : Three or more cards of the same suit in sequence and values; Eg Three of Spades + + Four of Spades Five of Spades
Three of a Kind : Three cards of the same value with different seeds; Eg + Jack of Hearts Jack of Clubs Jack of Spades +
Quadruplet : Four cards of the same rank but different suits; Eg Eight of Hearts Eight of Diamonds + + + Eight of Clubs Eight of Spades
These combinations, generally take the name of Tris, even when they are composed of four cards. Even when it comes to stairs used the generic noun Tris (Eg I played three of a kind ).

NB: The Ace can be combined with Two and Three (Ace + Two + Three), called Scale Low , and also with Donna and Rè (Woman + + Rè Ace), called High Scale .

During your turn to play, as well as put on the table one or more combinations, the player may add one or more cards to the combinations already on the table, as long as they continue to be valid according to the rules described above. This is said to attack (with the meaning of paste).
Possible quaterns they are put in the discard pile.

At the end of your turn, after having performed all the operations of the case, the player must discard one of their cards, it must be placed on top of the discard pile and can possibly be taken by the next player.

The Joker can take on the value and suit his own desires.
Eg: A trio composed of Spades Two + Two + Wild Flowers is valid because the Joker will be considered as another two (seed chosen by the player), as well as a ladder consisting Seven of Diamonds + Jolly + Nine of Diamonds is valid, as the Joker will be considered as an Eight of Diamonds.

When a player before or after discarding, she has no cards in hand is said to have closed. The fanned ends and opponents must count the points adding up the cards left in their hand.

Are assigned as follows:

The cards from two to ten are worth a lot of points how much is the value.
10 points for every figure
11 points for each Ace
25 points for every Jolly
Rummy (ending in hand):
When a player runs out of all their cards in one turn, without ever having dropped or struck, making rummy . In this case, all the points made ​​by the other players in this fanned doubled.

Rummy with color:
An additional rule is the possibility of obtaining a rummy having in hand 10 cards of the same suit, even if they are not combined into scales.

Playing in three or more people, when a player gets cut off because it exceeded the 101 points, may be in the game, and you’ll end up with the same score last in the standings.

Play money:
As with all games, even Rummy you can play for money, here is a valid method:
Each player puts a coin in the pot at the beginning of the game, when only one winner (so everyone else has exceeded 101 points), this receives all the tokens of the dish. The return costs an additional token.

However, there are many ways to play Rummy money, everyone can find the right one for himself.

Option 1 – Number of cards:
Given its spread, it is very likely find many variations:
In some places, instead of 10 cards is played with 7, 9 or 13 cards, as well as a score out of 101 can change.

Option 2 – Only Rummy:
According to this variant, no player is allowed to drop any combination during fanned consequently won first making rummy .

In this case, you can still play points, each player scores points for the cards that have been excluded from possible combinations in his hand. The card values ​​are those described above.
Eg: In a hand with “Two, Two, Two, Five, Six of diamonds, seven of diamonds, eight of diamonds, Woman, Woman, King” cards can not be combined and are the Five the three figures. Then you count 35 points.

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