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To Play Rummy You Knew Rules of Rummy

Rummy has several variants, among which the best known is perhaps the Scale 40 . Due to its relative simplicity and diffusion is both a board game and company viable in the family and in the bar area or in a drawing-room. As in many card games, the outcome depends mainly on chance, by fate.

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It is played by a minimum of two to a maximum of five players.


It is played with two decks of 52 cards with four joker or with a deck of 54 cards and two jokers.


At the beginning of the game is dealt 7 cards each, a discovery in the table to be the beginning of the pit , the remaining covered in the table.

In the first stage of the game, each participant in turn draws a card from the deck and places it between the cards he has in his hand and discards another in the well.

Who is able to form one or more combinations without joker puts on the table.

One who has opened so the game can continue to put in the table other combinations as they can in the form of cards or when fishing can attack one or more cards in his hand to what he himself has put in table .

If a paper sticks to what he has in his hand instead of a wildcard, the wildcard picks up and places it among the papers in his possession.

When one of the two players has closed, the other puts all the cards on the table that had remained in his hand, counting the points, which will be charged to your account. If a player closes in hand, the passive opponent’s score is doubled.

It arrives at a predetermined number of points to achieve passive (usually 101 or 201). Who first reaches this threshold will lose the game.


The remaining cards in your hand have the following values: Ace is worth one point, the numeral cards the value corresponding to their numbers, the figures ten points and the joker twenty points.


The objective of each hand is close by charging the highest number of points possible opponent.


Rummy is a game of Anglo-Saxon origin that is popular in Italy in the early 1900s. Since it originated the scale 40.

All The Rules Of Rummy

In Rummy combinations are:
tris: three cards of the same value (eg: 3 Fanti, 3 axles, etc..) but of different suits; agreeing in advance, however, you can also apply to take cards of the same suit and the same value;
quartets or quadruplets or poker, four cards of the same value but different suits; true, however, what has been said about the trio;
scale three or more cards of the same suit in consecutive order (eg, 6,7 and 8 of clubs, 9, 10, Jack and Queen of Hearts, etc..)
color: all cards of the same suit in order not progressive;
rummy: all cards of the same suit and in scale.
For the purposes of the combinations of the scale, the Ace has a double value: it may be used for one and then a straight of Ace, 2, 3; or apply to the card superior to the King and then serve for the scale of Q, K, Ace. The joker can assume without distinction all the values ​​of all the seeds and then serves the effects of any combination (eg, 3 flowers, 3 of spades, joker J of paintings, joker, K of diamonds, etc..).
players can be from two to seven, but the ideal number is 4:00 to 5:00. Sort the dealer, these deals the cards clockwise (though there are those who maintain that the distribution should be done from left to right) one at a time to each player, for a total of ten. Even with regard to the number of cards, however, there is no unanimity: someone who plays with seven and nine; the most popular version, however, includes ten cards. After dealing, the remaining cards are placed face down in the center of the table, with the above discovery. Start the game first hand, that is the player to the left of the dealer (or the one on his left if you take the time trend), which, if it has no cards combined in such a way that allow the immediate closure (what which is very difficult if not exactly rare), takes the card of the deck to use for the purposes of any combinations; then discards one that does not need it by placing it on the table. The next player may instead or take the first covered card in the deck, or take that discarded by the previous player, then discarding one in turn. So on until a player discarding that in addition, may close by having all ten cards ordered in combinations. Depending on the variant of Rummy also depends on the mode of closure.
closure to zero: when a player has all ten cards combined (eg a scale of four cards and two trio, a quartet, a scale of three cards and three of a kind, etc.)..
Closing in points: when a player has combined some cards and not others combined, provided that the sum of the values ​​of the latter does not exceed, as intended, or 5 or 10 points. Obviously, it is essential to agree before the game what will be the type of closure admitted.
The score depends on the variant practiced and agreements between the players. Usually a game of rummy is played to 101 points, in the sense that players, adding the penalty points that gradually accumulate in various hands as a result of the closures of the opponents, exceed this limit are excluded from the game and pay the mail agreed (a tot for each point) to the winner. And ‘possible, however, if established at first, on return; if that is still in the race there are more than two players, you can returned in the game, but sharing the same player’s score and that is made ​​worse with the highest score. Winner will be the only one left in the game after all the others, as well as having exceeded 101, they have a better chance of re-entry. This implies that after each closing is kept a detailed calculation of penalties for each player to add them gradually. Obviously the one that closes to zero points is not burdened with no penalty (if it closes to him are charged how many points is the sum of the value of the cards combined); others are themselves burdened with as many points as those of the total value of the cards at the time of closure, are not combined. To this effect the value of the cards is the same: that is, the cards are worth 1O and other cards are worth their face value exactly how much. Regarding the Ace, if it is the only card not combined the entire lot is 1; but if there are other than the Ace cards combined, its value is 1l. Finally, we must keep in mind the joker: it is in fact valid for any combination, but it is said that it can always make you part; the effects of the penalty it is worth 25 points (or 20, depending on how established).
Example a: at the close of an opponent player Caio has two hand set, a quartet and also an Ace, a 3 and a 6 : his negative score will be that given by the cards combined, ie 11 (Ace) + 3 + 6 = 20.
Example b at the time of closing Harry finds himself instead with two quartets, a 2 and a joker. 2 does not belong to any combination, but neither side can make the wildcard as the two quartets are already complete in itself and therefore its negative score is 25 (wildcard) + 2 = 27.
did not necessarily play rummy to 101 points; many prefer pre-set at the beginning of a certain number of hands (eg ten) and all starting initially with a similar number of chips. At the end of each hand that closes entitled to receive from the other one chip and it does not matter the major or minor negative points accumulated. With this variant, obviously, the closure must be only zero.

How To Play Traditional Rummy

Rummy is designed for 2 to 4 players.
• The game requires two full decks of cards without the jokers (a total of 104 cards.)
• Each player receives 10 cards when the game begins.
• The aim of the game is to be the first not to have more cards in your hand.
• During the game, players must create combinations with the cards in their hand, where there are two types of combinations; stairs – which are consecutive cards of the same suit and tris – cards that are similar but different suits.
• A combination must have at least three cards.
• A scale must be between 3:13 papers.
• In each round the players of online rummy must fish at the beginning of the turn and discard at the end.
• You can fish from both the cone of the cards from the deck is discarded. The only card that you can take from the discard pile is the last one that was thrown.
• Players can perform another action during their turn, which is to drop the cards in the combination. You can drop the hook or valid combinations of single cards to existing melds.
• When a player has no cards left, his opponents are penalized according to the value of the cards left in their hand. Each card is worth according to his rank, with the exception of the actual cards that are worth 10 points each and the Ace is worth 11 points.
• There are two types of victories in the Rummy: Rummy quit and go. Close is when a player gets rid of all his cards gradually go rummy is when a player lays down all its combinations at once.
• The distribution of the pot, or pot distribution is calculated based on the points of the player and the winner receives at least 75% of the pot.

These are the general principles and basic instructions on how to play rummy online. Our website offers detailed information on the rules and terms of the game, a short interactive demo, tips and strategies Rummy and all the information that they need new players.

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The History Of Rummy

Rummy History: It is said that the game was born in america, just after the first world war, probably comes from the name of The game of Texas called Rummy, comes immediately between 1920 and 1930 in Europe, where the game variants spreads arriving in Italy.

Rummy is normally played with 2 decks of 54 cards with 4 Jokers French

Due to its simplicity and fun to play rummy in the family and in the bars, and in various circles, you can define a board game, not a game of chance since except in rare versions of rummy you can not make raises and there is no bluff. Generally you establish a post at the beginning of each game

To play rummy rule must be from two to seven players, the rule says that the game ends and you win the rummy when a player manages to overcome all the other players at the same time a score of 101 points, when only one exceeds 101 points rule may fall with the highest score among those players who have not exceeded the limit of 101 putting the initial post.
Example of four players ABCD, A closes and stays with 20 points B pays and gets to 78, and C pays 65 touches, D instead surpasses 101, then D chooses whether to retire or return with the points of B that is the negative score greater.

Or you can decide to play x number of hands to play a game, like putting a coin placed by the hand and the player who wins the hand normally takes all the coins made as mail within won.


The purpose of playing rummy is to tie each other their cards dealt by the dealer (which vary in number depending on the various versions of the game and are or 7 9 10 13 14) as a rule is played with 10, in various combinations called trio, quartets, scale, color, and Rummy.

Combinations: the trio consists of three cards of the same value as three 5 in which two may appear 5 of the same suit, unless there is agreement otherwise before the game, or three cards of the same suit in sequence , example 7 8 9 of hearts. The ace can be worth either as one in tris 1 2 3 or 11 as in the tris QKA course of the same suit.

Combinations: the quartets or quatrains are subject to the same rules as the tris but you have to add a fourth card, such as four 6 7 8 9 or 10.

Combinations: the scale is a sequence of cards of the same suit in consecutive order that at least part of the trio without a maximum limit of cards related to each other

Combinations: the color is formed when you manage to get hold all the cards of the same suit in order not progressive

Combinations: The Rummy is a scale composed of all our cards in sequential order and of the same suit. Generally the rule is that if one makes the Rummy games is that the 101 points, whether you’re playing in the hands who can do it conquers all.
Rules of the game:

The game of rummy: the dealer starts dealing the cards one at a time starting with the player to his right until you get to 10 for each contender, and then it runs a discovery and puts the deck face up on the table, the one who received first card opens the game can take that discovery if he needs for his mix, or that blanket on top of the deck, and then discards one who thinks it can not serve and the game goes to those who follow him to his right, and so away until one manages to tie all his cards by discarding the surplus and closes the hand.
Game rule: If you play frequently coming to the 101 points is also used in the closing points, which happens when you hold the cards that are not all related to each other, but in the case of closure of another is charged 5 or less points, one can close without catching the card from the deck and stating the points you pay.

Rule game: Of course before the game you have to decide whether or not to enforce the closure points and what is the maximum score to the closure itself.

Rule Game: Scores of the cards that you are charged are nominal ones, all the figures normally pay 10 points. The only exceptions are the ace is worth 1 alone, if it stays with other cards worth 11, and the Joker that you pay 20 points.

Game rule: Examples of combinations of locks: if one closes with all the papers related pay 0 points. Instead, if you close the points are added up the points of the closure.

Game rule: Examples of combinations of payment: In case of closure of the game we have to count the points to be paid compounds from the cards that we were unable to bind, if we have in hand a kind, a quatrain, and a 6 ​​and a J will pay 16 points,

Game Rule: If such combinations we find 2 quatrains not to scale type 4 6:04 9 another card say a K and a joker latter can not link him as the quatrains are complete and pay him 20 points plus 10 points of K 30 points will be the points you pay.