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Rummy card game

One of the most famous games is Rummy, also called Rummy (USA) or Jolly (Austria). It is played with 2-6 people and two packets of French playing cards, each 52 sheets and three jokers, for a total of 110 cards. The aim of the game is by getting rid of his cards first or to create.

Each player tries cards of the same value (eg Be, Kings or Aces) to collect in different colors or orders of the same color (eg, 7, 8, 9 of hearts or queen, king, ace of spades). At least 3 cards are required to be able to interpret this. When first laying eyes but at least 30 are required to be designed coherently (eg, queen, king and ace of one color or three aces in different colors). If a player has designed, he can also play cards, in which he invests with the cards dealt out of his teammates. If a player has played all of his cards, he has won the game. The players count their remaining cards and write them as negative points in a table.
Game play

Each of the 2-6 player receives 10 cards, the player left of the dealer gets the only 11 cards (spread is also the variant with 13 and 14 cards) and starts the game. Clockwise each player is now one after the turn and performs the following steps:
Draw 1 card – During a player’s turn, he draws the top card from the deck or the previously discarded card from the discard pile.
2 maps interpret – If the player has at least 3 contiguous and matching cards in hand, he can interpret it. When first deployed must be at least 30 eyes (coherently) are designed. Does he have a joker on hand, this can be substituted for any card, if still be seen if a series of numbers, or a triplet is interpreted.
3rd card throw away – The player ends his train in which a card that he no longer needed raises the discard pile.

In order to design at least 3 cards in a color and forlaufender order or requires 3 cards of a value in a different color. For sequences there is no end, that is, at the Ace can directly the two are created.
Examples :
7, 8, 9 and 10 of the heart
three sevens in hearts, diamonds and spades
The knock

A player throws one of his cards on the discard pile, and players can not turn this card is to include in the knock on the table, thus signaling that they want to have the map like. As a penalty card must be the card is another card from the deck to draw. After knocking applies – who first knocks priority, but if the player is only on the series, this card does not want to record yourself. Otherwise, the player must of knocked accept this card as well.

If a player has thrown his last card, the round is over and the players count the remaining cards together on your hand and write them off as negative points in a points table.

Rules for the Rummy

This is the variant of Rummy with laying . Each player plays only for himself; so-called partnerships do not exist. The German Rummy is played with French playing cards. Total playing with two parcels; A package consists of 52 playing cards and three jokers.
Before the start of the game all cards are thoroughly mixed and then divided concealed in the form of an arc. Now each player is obliged to draw a card. The player who drew the highest card, then chooses his place and takes in this way the position of the encoder. According to the order in which the cards were pulled, the rest of the players to the left of the dealer.
Subsequently, the respective Enter replaced after each game clockwise. Then, the donor is responsible for mixing all the cards again and then lets his neighbor, which has taken place at his right hand, stand out a card. All cards are face down and placed individually.
Overall, each player receives before the start of the game 13 cards; only the generator itself takes 14 cards. Should a player when you lift the playing cards draw a joker, so he gets to keep it.
All maps, which then are left, are as so-called shock hidden in the middle of the common table set.
The card values ​​and the figures:
The court cards Jack, Queen and King count as 10 points each. The score cards 2 to 10 are based on the number of their vorweisenden eyes. The ace is one in a series, which comes after the king, all 11 points, as well as in the final invoice. Only at first disclosure, episode “A-2-3″, this is one ace with only one point. Each Joker counts at the first message as many points as the actual card, which it is to replace. In the final statement of the Joker counts as much as 20 points.
Characters are always combinations of at least three cards, namely, these are always valid, if a player can either comprise a series of three or more successive cards of the same color (for example, “cross-7, 8 and 9″), or if he can lines of three, or even four cards, which rank pari passu show, (for example, “Queen of Clubs, Queen of Diamonds and Queen of Hearts”). It is also possible to form characters with the help of a joker, which thereby can replace any other arbitrary map. However, it is not allowed, a figure with only one natural map and form the basis of the other two jokers; but if a sequence consists of four cards must be consecutive two jokers.
The trains in the Rummy game:
The timer begins his train first. If it meets the need for the initial login, he may report figures. As soon as he opened stores a playing card next to the shock, his train is considered finished. Then the player’s turn, who sits to his left. Each player starts the game by this takes the top card from the impact, or the stored map of its predecessor. In the first deployed to all reported cards must have a total value of 40 points or more. Point value has a meaning only in this initial report; Subsequent messages he does not count.
Objective of Rummy and end of the game:
The aim of this game is to arrange his own blade to figures and report. If a player can first lay all his cards and thereby save his last card face down on the shock, he has won the game. The way players receive the same number of penalty points, how many eyes keep them at the time still in his hand.
So the table looks with a game of rummy, if they play as online against other players:


Choose a dealer randomly to deal the first round; throughout the game, the winner of each round deals the next.

Shuffle the deck and deal 10 cards to each player. Players should look at and sort their cards.

The next card is turned face up in the middle of the table to start the discard pile. This card is very important, because it determines the maximum numbers of points a player can have remaining in his hand when he knocks (see “Knocking” below). For example, if it’s a face card or a 10, a player may knock with 10 points or fewer. If it’s a 6, a player may knock with 6 points or fewer.

The remaining cards are placed face down next to the discard pile to form a draw pile.


Each normal turn consists of two parts.

First, you must take a card — either the top card from the draw pile or the top card from the discard pile.

Second, you must discard a card (face up) onto the top of the discard pile.

NOTE: On the very first turn of each round, the non-dealer decides whether or not to take the first face up card. If that player declines, the dealer may take the card. If one of the players takes the card, that player completes his turn by discarding and then the other player takes a turn. If both players decline to take the card, the non-dealer starts the game by drawing the top card from the draw pile.


The round ends when a player “knocks.” This may be done on any turn (including the first turn) after drawing but before discarding. A player may knock when he has the ability to form sets, discard one card, and have an appropriate number of points remaining in his hand (see “Setup” above).

NOTE: A single card cannot belong to two sets.

After knocking and discarding, the player who knocked organizes and spreads all of his cards face up on the table.

The player who did not knock does the same. If the knocker did not go gin (see “Going Gin” below), the opponent is also allowed to lay off any unmatched cards by adding to the knocker’s sets (e.g. adding a fourth card to a group of three of a kind, or adding further consecutive cards of the same suit to a sequence).

NOTE: You’re never required to knock. You may continue playing in an effort to develop a better hand.


Each player calculates the value of their unmatched cards. If the knocker’s count is lower, he scores the difference between the two counts.

If the knocker did not go gin, and the values are equal — or the knocker’s value is greater than his opponent’s — then the knocker has been undercut. The knocker’s opponent scores 10 points plus the difference between the values.

Going Gin

If the knocker has no unmatched cards, it’s known as going gin and he scores 25 bonus points (some sources say the bonus should be 20 points). Additionally, his opponent cannot score any points, even if his opponent also had no unmatched cards.


If only two cards remain in the draw pile after a player discards and neither player has knocked, the round ends in a draw. The same player deals again.


Additional rounds are played until one player’s cumulative score reaches 100 points or more. That player is the winner.


The game of Rummy 500 belongs to the family of Rummy games and a lot of similarities can be found between this game and the traditional rummy . However, there are a number of rules that distinguish this game from others belonging to the same family that make it a unique and exciting game.
The table Rummy 500 Rummy

The Rummy game is played by 2 to 8 players. If there are up to four players is only used a standard deck of cards including 2 jokers. If there are 5 or more players you add a second deck.
The aim of the game is to be the first player to accumulate 500 points or more. The game is composed of a number of rounds until a player reaches the sum of 500 points. For each round the player completes his turn by drawing and discarding a card, while it is able to combine three of a kind and stairs and build on existing melds, while the two main actions. A card can be drawn from the main deck and discard pile. If a player chooses to draw a card from the discard pile must take all the cards that have been discarded after this card from pine cone and immediately use the card he fished for a combination.


A round ends when a player gets rid of all their cards or the main deck ends and the turn player does not want to take a card from the discard pile. When the round ends, there is an assessment of all the cards for each player. The player receives positive points for the cards that combined and penalties for the cards that are left in your hand. The game ends at the end of the round in which a player has successfully accumulated 500 points or more. In the event that more than one player reaches 500 points or more, the player with the highest total score will be declared the winner.
In Rummy 500 is a special move called “Calling Rummy.” In the case where a player discards that can create a sequence or can be added to combinations of their opponents can call “Rummy”, draw a card, add a card to the combination and continue their turn. To call ” Rummy “must take one of the following situations:

(1) A card can enter a valid combination or can be added to an existing combination.

(2) The discarded card enters a sequence with cards found in the hand of another player.

(3) In the cone of waste there are two cards which together with the discarded card can be used to form a valid combination.
Want to learn more about Rummy 500? Skip to the rules of Rummy 500 and start practicing!
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The turkish Rummy (Okey) is a game that gave a fun and interesting twist on online rummy . Essentially, a variation of the Turkish Rummy, Okey consists of 106 tiles and 4 players. The tiles that are used in a manner very similar to traditional cards, which are divided into four seeds. On top of these tiles, there are also fake cards Jolly, who play a key role nell’Okey. Famigliarizza with the cards before you start to play, so you know what you are looking for during the game.
The game
to play Okey , a person must understand the rules that are specific to the game. In the first place, the winner is decided by combining the 14 cards or getting 7 pairs of the same value and color. This is very similar to the traditional rummy , although there are some differences. However, being the first to get rid of your hand, your opponents will be penalized accordingly.
Before arriving at the score, there are other aspects that must be taken into account. Each player gets 14 tiles and a die is rolled to determine who will play first. The rotation of the game will be counter-clockwise, starting with those who have been chosen to play. After choosing the order is chosen Jolly, simply taking the next card and turning it upside down. The Jolly is actually a number higher than that which is shot but must be of the same color. Once everything is in order, the game can begin.
Counting points
As stated above, points are subtracted from each player, depending on how it was chosen the winner. If the winner has won using a Joker card or 7 pairs, 4 points are taken from all remaining players. However, if there was a stipulation of special victory, only 2 points are taken from the remaining players.
Play Okey
Once you learn how to play Okey, your next goal is to find places to play online Okey. The Internet is a great place to test your skills and expand your horizons because there are so many people who want to play. Playing against real people who have a long experience, you will be able to learn their strategies. Suggestions for Okey can also be found online and will help you understand the game more thoroughly. If you know where to look, you’ll find that these tips are really useful and can increase your chances of winning when you play.
For those who do not want to spend money, there are sites out there that let you play for free Okey . Playing for free, players have to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best in the business without having to worry about losing money or feel embarrassed. The scene of the free game is a great way to understand how the game is played and what rules apply. If you pay attention to how they play the others, you will be able to play with the best in no time.


The purpose of the game is to arrange as fast as possible its 10 cards, in combinations of three cards minimum, so as to close the hand (or knocking) before your opponent and accumulate the most points.

When a player knocks, the hand ends, the points are automatically calculated, and was proclaimed the winner of the hand. The total scores are updated accordingly. The game continues, one hand after the other, until a player reaches the score required to win the game at that table. Who reaches first such score wins.

A combination may consist of 3 or more cards of the same value (eg 2-2-2 or KKKK), or 3 or more cards of the same suit in sequence (for example, A-2-3 of spades or 7-8 – 9-10-J of diamonds). A card may be part of only one combination at a time. Aces are worth one. The deadwood (which are not part of a combination) are called deadwood.

How does a hand
at the beginning of a hand, each player receives 10 cards, a card is placed in the middle of the table (the first of the discard pile), while the rest of the deck is covered in the center of the table. It ‘s the time of the turn of the first player.

For most of the game, a turn consists of taking a card from either the deck or from the discard pile, add it to your hand, then discard a card in the junk pile. If you take a card from the discard pile, it can not be discarded immediately.

At the beginning of a hand the first player can only take the card from the discard pile. If you do not want to keep, you may click on the “Give in to the opponent’s turn” and offer it to his opponent. If your opponent does not want it, the re-pass to the first player. At this point, the first player may take a card from the deck. From that moment on, the game continues as explained above.

If a hard hand particularly long time to be completed, the deck might end. If the deck gets down to only 2 cards, the hand is abandoned, the cards are shuffled and redistributed.

How to end a hand
Once formed combinations, the player knocks to indicate that it has closed his hand. You may knock only if the total value of deadwood (which does not form part of any combination) is less than or equal to ten. The value of each card is the following:

Ace: 1 point
2-10: nominal value of the card (for example: 4 = 4 points.)
J, Q, K: 10 points.
You can knock at the end of his turn by discarding a card on the pile rather than the discard pile. If you try to knock when the value of deadwood is more than 10, a message prompts you to discard that card in the discard pile. If you have in your hand without knocking other expensive deadwood, you Gin.

When a player knocks, his cards are automatically dealt face up on the table and arranged in different combinations and unmatched cards. If the player does not have a gin, the opponent can do what is called lay-off, ie, to include their cards in combinations of the player who knocked, to download some points.

The Lay-off
The Lay-Off (include the deadwood of the player who has knocked in combinations opponent who knocked) is a process that happens automatically. All the deadwood in the hands of the player who did not knock are arranged in combinations of the player who knocked, if possible. For example, if one of the combinations of the player who is knocked 7-7-7, and his opponent has the other 7, this is automatically put in the combination of the player who knocked, and the value is deducted from the total number of cards deadwood of the player who did not knock.

The score of
the player who wins the hand is one that has the lowest total deadwood. The difference between the total score is the winner for that hand.

The scoring system is shown and explained below.

Gin Rummy

In the example above, the guiseppeg (Player 2) knocked discarding the 7 of diamonds. The remaining 10 cards in his possession are composed of two combinations (the 9-9-9-9, 4-4-4 and 3-3-3).

The player has no more deadwood and then receives an additional 25 points for Gin.

At this point, cards probot (Player 1) are divided between combined and deadwood. Where possible, the deadwood are placed (automatically) in the combinations of the player who knocked but not ‘the case this time.

The total amount of deadwood in probot, and ’10 points, as it has the 6 of clubs, ace of hearts and the ace of spades and the 2 messed up. What guiseppeg and ’0. Without the difference and adding points to the Gin, guiseppeg 35 points after a hand.

You receive an additional 25 points for Gin though at the time of the layoff, the value of deadwood of the player who knocked is greater than or equal to that of the player who did not knock.

Who wins the game

When a player knocks, the hand ends, the points are automatically calculated, and was proclaimed the winner of the hand. The total scores are updated accordingly. The game continues, one hand after the other and the points of each hand are added to the total score.
When a player reaches the score required to win the game ends.
matches are foreseen in point 1 (which then ended after just one hand), 50 points, 100 points and 200 points.

Game times

In two-player games: The player has 2 minutes of time from the start of the tournament to click on “start game”, if it were to do the game will be automatically canceled and refunded participation rights to both players.

In games with more than two players:
- Why start a tournament, two players on the same table must click “Start Game”. If this does not happen, the rights of participation will be refunded.
- If on one of the two tables of a tournament with 4 or more players do not click any of them, the other will be automatically advanced to the final.
- If two players on the same table nor click on the table and the players both are clicking instead, a user will choose between the two players on the table without a click and the latter will be randomly advanced.
During the game each player has a certain amount of time available (30 seconds) and if does not make his move in the allotted time, loses the game.

In the event that a player disconnects, it has two minutes to return to the game board, reopening the lobby that will invite ‘to resume the game (if the player does not follow the invitation to reopen the table, after 30 seconds, with a timer visible in the game, lose the game); if this does not happen, the opponent wins the game. For each batch are allowed 2 disconnections and third you lose the game itself.

Percentage dedicated to prize money and rake in relation to the buy-in

Buy-in A prize fund Rake
€ 1 80.00% 20.00%
€ 3 82.00% 18.00%
€ 5 83.00% 17.00%
€ 10 84.00% 16.00%
€ 20 85.00% 15.00%
€ 50 86.00% 14.00%
€ 100 88.00% 12.00%
The jackpot is won by the first prize while when it comes to tournaments with 8 or more players, the division of the prize pool is specified by clicking on the name of the tournament in the lobby.


Rummy is a game of English origin that can be practiced in a variety of ways. At its most widely known and practiced in Italy, rummy can be played by a number of people ranging from two to five.

Each player has eight cards that are continually renewed during the game, discarding one hand and taking from another; through this exchange of cards the player aims to form combinations that leave less and less, in his hand, papers inert or non-combined.
It is played with two decks of cards complete the four French jollies. combinations are: – the trio that is a combination of three cards of the same value – that is, the scale and alignment of at least three cards of the same suit in order to scale .



Both the tris as the scale may, with the addition of the required cards, extend to all eight cards of the hand and the player who will succeed, even with the help of the mattes, to raise his or her hand to eight cards of the same suit scale, and did rummy.
It should be emphasized that the ace can be placed either before or after the king of both. Rummy can also be done by putting together, with or without wildcards, all eight cards of the same value.

When you play at least three people, the first thing to do is to seat selection. player who received the card from the fate of lesser value must also play in the first round function of the dealer.

Each player takes a card from the deck and turns; the player who discovered the lowest card chooses its own place and the others sit gradually, each according to the value of their card face up, to make a turn from the left; players who discover two cards of equal value or a wild card, they must repeat the operation.
The value of the cards is that each of them brings scored. One who has been given by fate as the dealer takes the double deck, mix thoroughly and it does cut by the player to his right place; it then begins the distribution starting from the left, one card at a time, until all of them have had eight.

Then puts on the table the cards that make up the remaining wells and discovered another leaving it next to the deck. When a player has discarded, the game switches to who sits to his left, which will set the same way and that is collect , if needed, the discarded card from your opponent, or it will take a right from the deck.

The game begins with the dealer himself, who, if he finds it convenient to use that card that has discovered, withdraw from the table, discarding on his behalf by another hand; if it is not deemed cost-effective use of that card, I will fish different from the well, always discarding a hand or directly from the same one that has caught if he did not seemed to be useful.
The game goes on like this, until one of the players will have combined in his hand the cards in such a way as to have residual or inert, for a total value does not exceed the number of participants in the game plus one, and precisely, with papers for a residual value of three when playing in two of four when playing in three and so on.
When this situation occurs in the hand of a player he once came his turn, without fish or discard, stretch open his cards on the table, making the so-called joke, and at the same time denouncing the sum of the values ​​of the cards combined (for example, say, “I beat one” or “three” and so on.).
At this point, each player turns over his cards and does the account of those cards that he will not be able to combine during the game, summing the numeric values, and bearing in mind that all face cards are worth ten points equally, the ace point and jollies are not counted in any way.
The points accumulated by each well will be written on a score sheet which leads on the one hand as many columns as there are players, each distinct from the name of the player himself, and, on the other hand, always the same number of columns, the summary in figures corresponding to sums of money, credit and debt for each player.
This summary is done each time the game ends because someone did rummy or because someone has managed to unpack all the others. Indeed, the score card is not combined hand to hand a kind of passive inheritance for each player.

When the score exceeds a certain figure, different depending on the number of participants in the game, then it says that the player who has exceeded busted, and he will be readmitted to the game, that will fall in line and paying a certain fee to ‘height of the player that will have at that time the highest score liabilities.
When you play in two busts when you usually exceed sixty points, when playing in three or four of them exceed eighty, and when you play in five hundred.
When a player, beating, fails (as we said) at the same time to overcome this limit to all the others, he will have won the game, and if you want to continue playing, the posts are based in the way that has already been indicated.
If, after a beat, all the other players or even one among them has remained in the race, the game continues, it becomes the dealer reshuffles the deck and the player seated to the left of the one who has done this job the last time.
When a player has combined their cards so as not to have any residual or inert, beats zero and the sum of its liabilities must be deducted ten points if it is the first hand, in his column will be marked “-10″.
To achieve this condition each player can also use the so-called joke in flight. By this is meant that the player who misses a given card to beat zero, if he sees discard any opponent, has the right to detect it from the table and to use it to complete his game.

This right is not the same card only when it does not serve a similar purpose to another player which takes precedence because it is sitting in the position for which she would be entitled to draw from the well before the other applicant.
All the more reason to stop the flight you can do when it comes to closing rummy. rummy Each hand ends when someone takes zero or a specific figure, as we have said, may be greater than the maximum of the number of units participants in the game.

In this case, the player who was given the score sheet mark in the column of each passive summing the scores that may already be in place previously.
A game of rummy ends when one of the players will be able to be busting at the same time everyone else, or do rummy. Done similar scores for each losing player, the sum of these negative scores shall be the sum that the winner is credited.

In the first case the player assigned to the score mark in the column of the winner, and preceded by a + sign, the figure that has established itself as game mail, multiplied by the number of players losers; this figure must be added the return of any fees due from each player, bearing in mind that such a tax is established at the beginning of the game (it generally corresponds to one tenth of the post) and doubling time to time in each indentation.
And so, for example, if the post had been established for a thousand pounds return with a hundred and one of the losing players will have had to make three falls in his column on the second page of the score sheet will be scored – 1700 for 1000 are for mail, 100 for the first indentation, 200 for the second and 400 for the third.
It is clear that the eventual fall of the winner will be canceled. In the second case, ie, when you win by rummy, we proceed in a similar manner, except that the mail is doubled

As they have busted a player, he will have the right to return with the necessary arrangements, or excluded from the game for that game, of course, remain in his debt mail, always simple (even in the event that the game will be closed with a rummy) and taxes of any returns made already.
Rummy is considered by law a gamble and this actually is, even if certain rules of conduct of the game can reduce the weight of the luck factor. ‘s strategy better than a good player rummy is undoubtedly one based on timing.

For example, it is useless to continue the game chasing a possible closure – 10 when you can beat: not facilitate it by beating opponents, which will always have the opportunity to combine their cards and thereby reduce their liability, if any.
Only when the location of your score is advantageous, and when you have the feeling that all the other opponents are in trouble, it gets better, if their cards permitting, the closure groped brilliant. Another form of the strategy are the so-called alliances.

When the game is restricted to such a point that a player beating will definitely get high all the others, then the variation of these must be addressed to promote the game of one among them who has the passive or minor, however, closing at – 10, give all others a chance to return to the same level and to continue the game as well, you kind of favoritism is clear that part of the conduct of the game and can not be regarded as misconduct or touch the susceptibility of some.

Purpose of the game of Rummy

How to play rummy?
Rummy is a game of Anglo-Saxon origins, is thought to derive from the Rummy game a Texan, had its development, in the beautiful country around the ’20s / ’30s, but his was, then, an international development, became famous in so much so, that the typical deck of 108 cards (two decks including Jolly French) took their name “Bunch rummy.”
From Rummy were born in the following years countless other games and variations, the most famous of them is definitely the Scale forty .
Despite its ancient origins by now, is still widespread, the rules are simple, and requires no special skills tactical and strategic. Characteristic, this, which makes it suitable for all ages and all backgrounds, from meeting season, the evenings in the pub.
The number of players can vary from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 7, not over because the cards are only 108, but could potentially also increase, perhaps using 2 decks of Rummy.

The map:
To play rummy need the so-called “deck rummy”, made up of 108 cards, and then, 2 decks of cards in France, including the 4 Jokers.

Purpose of the game:
The purpose of Rummy is close , that is to say, get rid of all their cards, acting through certain combinations, which we will see later.
cards discarded not assign points at the end of the game wins who has totaled less. The match ends when one player reaches 101 points.

Distribution of the cards:
The role of the dealer is determined randomly, by the rule of ” Bas ago màs “for example, and in the course of the fan the players alternate for this role, following the order of play.
The dealer distributes 10 cards each blankets, one at a time, clockwise (or counterclockwise depending on the local customs) then puts one card face up on the counter, this will be the first of the cards that make up the discard pile, the remaining cards form the heel.

Playing the game:
Once the cards dealt, the first player sitting to the right of the dealer (or left if you play clockwise) draws a card from the deck and puts it in her own hand. As an alternative to the draft from the heel, if you wish, you can take the card that was discarded by the player before him. The first player after deployment can take the folded paper instead of drawing.

After drawing, the player of the moment, try to arrange their cards to build a combination, he may, without being obliged to put on the bench all the combinations that can realize. In figure there are some examples of valid combinations.

The valid combinations only the following:

Scale : Three or more cards of the same suit in sequence and values; Eg Three of Spades + + Four of Spades Five of Spades
Three of a Kind : Three cards of the same value with different seeds; Eg + Jack of Hearts Jack of Clubs Jack of Spades +
Quadruplet : Four cards of the same rank but different suits; Eg Eight of Hearts Eight of Diamonds + + + Eight of Clubs Eight of Spades
These combinations, generally take the name of Tris, even when they are composed of four cards. Even when it comes to stairs used the generic noun Tris (Eg I played three of a kind ).

NB: The Ace can be combined with Two and Three (Ace + Two + Three), called Scale Low , and also with Donna and Rè (Woman + + Rè Ace), called High Scale .

During your turn to play, as well as put on the table one or more combinations, the player may add one or more cards to the combinations already on the table, as long as they continue to be valid according to the rules described above. This is said to attack (with the meaning of paste).
Possible quaterns they are put in the discard pile.

At the end of your turn, after having performed all the operations of the case, the player must discard one of their cards, it must be placed on top of the discard pile and can possibly be taken by the next player.

The Joker can take on the value and suit his own desires.
Eg: A trio composed of Spades Two + Two + Wild Flowers is valid because the Joker will be considered as another two (seed chosen by the player), as well as a ladder consisting Seven of Diamonds + Jolly + Nine of Diamonds is valid, as the Joker will be considered as an Eight of Diamonds.

When a player before or after discarding, she has no cards in hand is said to have closed. The fanned ends and opponents must count the points adding up the cards left in their hand.

Are assigned as follows:

The cards from two to ten are worth a lot of points how much is the value.
10 points for every figure
11 points for each Ace
25 points for every Jolly
Rummy (ending in hand):
When a player runs out of all their cards in one turn, without ever having dropped or struck, making rummy . In this case, all the points made ​​by the other players in this fanned doubled.

Rummy with color:
An additional rule is the possibility of obtaining a rummy having in hand 10 cards of the same suit, even if they are not combined into scales.

Playing in three or more people, when a player gets cut off because it exceeded the 101 points, may be in the game, and you’ll end up with the same score last in the standings.

Play money:
As with all games, even Rummy you can play for money, here is a valid method:
Each player puts a coin in the pot at the beginning of the game, when only one winner (so everyone else has exceeded 101 points), this receives all the tokens of the dish. The return costs an additional token.

However, there are many ways to play Rummy money, everyone can find the right one for himself.

Option 1 – Number of cards:
Given its spread, it is very likely find many variations:
In some places, instead of 10 cards is played with 7, 9 or 13 cards, as well as a score out of 101 can change.

Option 2 – Only Rummy:
According to this variant, no player is allowed to drop any combination during fanned consequently won first making rummy .

In this case, you can still play points, each player scores points for the cards that have been excluded from possible combinations in his hand. The card values ​​are those described above.
Eg: In a hand with “Two, Two, Two, Five, Six of diamonds, seven of diamonds, eight of diamonds, Woman, Woman, King” cards can not be combined and are the Five the three figures. Then you count 35 points.

The Rules : How To Play Rummy

Rummy is a card game fairly recently. Born in America has quickly spread around the world in Italy also becoming a very popular game especially at Christmas time. To play rummy using a deck of 54 cards with French wild card.

You must first select a dealer. The dealer deals ten cards for each player. This distribution must be made one card at a time starting with the person sitting to the left of the dealer and going clockwise. The cards must be covered.

The dealer then lays in the middle of the table one card face up and let the rest of the deck, better known as the heel, covered next to it.

In turn, the players, starting with the first player seated to the left of the dealer, they can take the open card or a card deck from the heel of discarding a card in their hand. The discarded cards must obviously be dealt face-up card on the table over the previous year.

Players must be able to create with the cards in their hand, and fishing new cards from the deck, groups of at least three cards that are in scale with each other. When a player is able to bind to each other all the cards that have to be said out loud “I’m done” and show the cards to the other players. In this way wins the game and possibly also the mail put into play.

Objective of the game of Rummy

The Rummy is a card game for 2 to 4 players. With the purpose of the game is running out of cards. To win you have to make stairs dellla same suit or groups of 3 or more cards of the same value. It can also support up its own cards on the play of other players.

It is important to add the smallest number of points according to the mode selected.

The original game provien dalgli USA and is very popular in Europe and North nell’Amrica. It is played with a deck of 52 cards French.

Note: The ace can play a scale after the king or two before.

Game modes
Express (1 coat)
To play fast games. It is played with one hand and the player who manages to close before.
Playing points
When a player reaches the target score is eliminated. The last player wins the game.
Values ​​of the cards
Value of the cards in case you can not use a combination:

From 2-10 : their value.
J : 10 points
Q : 10 points
K : 10 points
As : 15 points
How to Play Rummy
For two-player is dealt 10 cards each. For 3 or 4 players 7 cards are distributed each. After the distribution, will be placed one card face up. The rest will be left in the deck for fishing.

Before you begin the match is decided by lot which of the players will begin to play. On the next hand (if that was the case) will start the player sitting to the left of the current.

Game development
At the beginning of propio turn, the player must take a wild card from the deck or from the discard pile. After parties can drop their cards on the table (stairs or combinations of 3 or 4 cards of the same).

To finish the propio turn, the player is obliged to discard one of the cards in his hand so passing the turn to the player sitting to the left (clockwise).

If you finish the cards in the deck, shuffle the cards and create a new deck.

A player does Rummy if drops all his cards on the table in one turn, if he has not dropped any card above. This play doubles the score of their opponents.

For example, if a player takes a card and discards during several rounds without dropping no paper, still has the opportunity to make Rummy.

Close game
When it is not possible to combine or place cards, the game ends. Each player sommará the respective punit the cards in that time.

If you are playing so express or if all players have exceeded the limit of points at the same time, the player who has less points. In case of a tie, the player CEH ah closed, or which ones I’ve started the hand.

When a player is eliminated by passing the score limit, can resume playing the jackpot by adding the half of the initial bet .

The player who is stale, you have to start with the same points of the player who has the most at that moment.

Choose combinazioe of cards to play and click on the table in front of you for calarle.

Because there are robots that play? What are they?
In some games, when a player loses connection during a game, a robot replaces him until can resume playing. The player has a margin of a few minutes to get back in the game and restart the game.

Finish the game in a friendly way (delete the game)
Some games have the option to end the game in a friendly way. In this case the match is canceled. That is, it means that players do not win they lose points, and this game does not count in the rankings and statistics. In addition, the chips bets are returned to each player (unless they have been penalized for abandonment).

To cancel a game, one player must press this button . All players must accept the end of the game; otherwise the game will continue.

The robot is not taken into account in the vote to finish a game in a friendly way.

Table settings
The table settings are chosen by the head of the table (the primoi player who is sitting at tovolo and that has a star estrellanext to his avatar).

To view or change the settings click on the table opciones. The table settings can be changed before starting the game or between the game and the game. If the icon changes to red, indicating that the head of the table has modified one or several options.

Time to turn
Indicates the time available to the player to pull, in its own turn. If the time expires, the game will take an automatic move. Suggestions: Game automatically
Compete for points or chips.
It allows you to play official matches . Disable this option to practice (or not win points or chips, you will not win trophies and not come down to level).
Bet per game:
Indicates the amount of chips you bet the game in this match. The winner of the game gets the prize. See also: What are the chips of the game? How do I get?
Private table.
If this option is enabled, only players who will be able to sit or have invited friends. See also: How to invite other players to play at your table.
Allowing the public.
Other people will come to the table solocome spectators at matches and chat. See also: Public during games
Express (1 coat)
It is the fastest game modes. You play one hand and the player who closes.
Limit points.
The player who reaches the edge of the score is eliminated.
Ranking points
To participate in the ranking of this game you need to be registered and to have sufficient chips to cover the bet.

To score points, the games must be official (indicated with a boxing glove or with a sword). You do not score points if 2 players at the table share the same IP .

If a table you are betting chips , you will have at your disposal enough chips to cover the amount of the bet. The winner of the game gets the XP points and betting chips (the bank receives 25% of the prize pool).

The points you experience (XP) won depend on the number of players, the type of the game and the initial bet.